Click to see a close-up of specially designed pots for making Turkish coffee

      Before you start any journey, always make sure
                                              you have adequate time for a cup of Turkish coffee or tea

Turkey's best known coffee brand, Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi
(Google Images)

Make sure you don't leave Bodrum without having a glass of freshly squeezed Orange Juice

You may like to try some domestic Turkish drinks, like Efes beer or Raki


Turkey is also famous for its olives, fresh fruits, nuts, dried apricots, figs, bread, spices, leather goods, carpets,
cotton & textiles, as well as hand-made items.


The city center of Bodrum has the largest selection of goods in the "Carsi," or "Pazar,"
but you can find wonderful items to buy in all the villages you visit.

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